Signing up

Create an account

In order to start interacting with Proofi you need to first create an account. Visit the Proofi app and create an account. An email will be sent for verification.

After opening the link you will have to retype your password and choose between an individual or an organization account type.

If you want to create a project you have to select Organization

Enter your company name and proceed to the dashboard.

Add verification method

In order to be able to connect your Metamask address with Proofi you will need to add a verification method. To do so click on the Add Verification Method button in the did section of the dashboard

You will be requested to sign a message using Metamask or in the future with the LTO Wallet

Await until you are informed that the verification method has been successfully added

To add a project, the Metamask address used to add a verification method must match the owner of the smart contract.


Your Metamask address cannot be associated with more than one Proofi account.

If this screen appears it means that your current Metamask address has been already associated with a Proofi account. Change the Metamask account and try again.

You are now ready to deploy your project on Testnet. To deploy on Mainnet follow these additional instructions

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