Creating a project

To create a project simply go to the dashboard from an Organization account and on the left side menu you will see the Projects menu

Click on Add project and the menu for creating a project will appear

You can now enter the project name and the necessary requirements to set up the project.

Setting requirements

Different projects have different requirements, for now, it is possible to specify

  • Excluded countries

  • Minimum age

  • Single wallet

The options for requirements are limited in the beta version. The team will add custom requirements for a project on request. If the presented options don't meet your needs please contact us via

Excluded countries

Selecting one or more countries from the excluded countries list will prevent users with a nationality of those countries to participate in the project

Minimum age

Indicates the minimum requested age to be able to participate in the project.

Single wallet option

The single wallet option makes the project available to just one wallet address per user. A user will not be able to participate more than once using different wallet addresses.

Smart contract address

The smart contract address allows the project to be linked with a smart contract. The smart contract, which must implement the OpenZeppelin ownable interface, will then be able to verify if a user is suitable to participate in querying this information through a ChainLink oracle.

It's not possible to modify requirements for an existing project. However, you're able to deactivate the project and create a new one for the same smart contract.

Finishing the project setup

Once all the parameters are set, you can submit.

If you have added a smart contract address you will have to sign with your Metamask account to verify the ownership of the smart contract.

Once submitted you will see the new project added to the project's dashboard.


In order to successfully link a smart contract address with your project you need to:

  • select the correct network

  • make sure that you are using the right contract address

  • the Metamask account you are using corresponds to the address of the owner of the smart contract.

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